When searching for a new opportunity, it can be overwhelming to get everything together.  Here are some helpful resources to help...

Working for One World Resourcing

New Zealand tax department: Inland Revenue Department

For Employment laws and legislative support: Employment New Zealand

Immigration Service

All you need to know about New Zealand immigration policies and procedures: Immigration New Zealand

More helpful links

Do you need to set up a bank account? ANZ has some easy to follow steps.

Looking for a house to rent, buy or any household items, in NZ our main online platform is Trademe

Setting up your home can be time consuming!  For sourcing the cheapest electricity and/or gas supplier use this will link you to all the NZ suppliers and their rates! 

To find a job a phone can be crucial so we can get hold of you!  Here is a guide to help you with understanding how our NZ phone networks work and what the plans mean -  BackpackerGuide.NZ

For a general overview of moving to NZ see

New to Auckland

Auckland is a hub of activity, Tourism Auckland & Heart of Auckland City list up to date information if you are visiting or plan to live in Auckland. 

Auckland City Council website detailing information about Auckland City, latest news and about the local/regional economy.

New to Wellington

Positively Wellington Tourism provides a searchable database for accommodation, activities, restaurants etc. Well worth a look at if you are searching for something to do on a Friday night or you want see what’s on in our Capital City!

This is Wellington City Council website details what you need to know about the city, it’s government and contains links for job seekers.

New to Christchurch

Christchurch NZ has a range of information about events, the economy and living and working in Christchurch.  With our large city rebuild there is a bright future and plenty of skilled work!